Like a Programmer

Like a Programmer

Step by step we will teach you how to start thinking like a programmer. Learn how to break down problems and design solutions. Programming is not about syntax but logic. Understand the full development cycle and become a real software engineer.

Frontend and Backend

Frontend and Backend

Build fullstack web applications in JavaScript and php. In our industry-tested curriculum we carefully selected the most sough-after skills. Create a portfolio of projects and instantly apply your knowledge. Share your code on Github and become git-proficient.

Small Classes

Small Classes

Only 16 students are accepted to each batch. Individual support helps you accelerate your progress. We put emphasis on teamwork, pair programming and a sharing collaborative environment. Enjoy all day access to the study space - 7 days a week.



12 Weeks Fulltime
420 teaching hours
5 Hackathons and 1 Demo Day
26 Nationalities of our graduates
20+ hours of career support & extra workshops
100% Intense immersive experience

Top Quality Mentors

Top Quality Mentors

All our instructors and mentors are senior programmers with +10 years of working on top projects. Together they accumulate 100+ years of experience - ask them anything. Learning the best practices from experienced programmers will save you a lot of trouble in your future job.

Get Hired

Get Hired

Begin your career in web development with the help of our career advisers who check your CVs, give you job hunting tips, prepare your for interviews and coach you until you find your dream job. Meet our hiring partners. Network with tech startups and big firms.

Program your better future with the Coding Bootcamp Praha

  • English-taught coding bootcamp based in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Proven method enabling an IT career for fresh graduates of non-IT subjects and people who are wishing to change their field.

Why Coding Bootcamp Praha ?

The only coding bootcamp in the Czech Republic. Immersive fullstack web development programme.
Industry-tested curriculum. Syllabus features top technologies used in the modern web development.
Networking opportunities - Demo Day, HR workshops, Alumni events, Welcome Party, Tech Workshops.
We offer our own accommodation with easy access to the campus - apply early to secure your room.
Enjoy Prague city centre. Our teaching space cannot be more central - Krakovská 9, Praha.
Intense career advice for placing our graduates - CV & LinkedIn help and interview preparation.
Best money : value ratio in the world. Experienced Instructors. Top placement rate of our graduates.
International study group. All-day access to the campus. Bootcamp located in the center of Prague.

Coding Bootcamp Praha Syllabus

We equip our students with skills that they really need - from design and coding basics to creating full-stack web applications. You learn how to creatively solve real-world problems, discover best practices and create a complete portfolio, which you can present to your future employers. The bootcamp enables you to dive into the web development in three phases - The Coder, The Programmer, and The Developer. The learning curve of the Coding Bootcamp Praha is steep, thus beginners are expected to finish a minimum of 60 hour pre-bootcamp course work to smooth their transition into the software engineering mindset. Our teaching method is 'learning by doing', during the bootcamp you create 7 projects - 1 individual portfolio web, 5 team projects during our hackathons and 1 team Final Project.

GET READY FOR THE BOOTCAMP. Start studying the basic concepts already at home.

You practice HTML, CSS, and learn the basics of JavaScript and php in step by step exercises. Learn about the Command Line / Terminal and how to use your computer efficiently. The goal is to understand the linkages between HTML, CSS, JavaScript and php.

Windows, MAC, (Linux), Google

Download the Detailed Syllabus of the Coding Bootcamp Praha

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A typical day

Morning Class
Challenges of the day are introduced by the instructor through lectures, activities and discussions
Live-coding Game
How to write better code. Challenges of the day on practical examples that students improve
Simulated Work Environment
Individual and group work on the challenges and portfolio projects in collaboration with our instructors
Individual Progress Evaluations
Personal discussion between the student and the instructor who supports the student with specific recommendations
Best Practices
Wrapping-up the day as a group, presenting accomplishments
(From time to time)
External workshops with our partners, soft-skills training and networking events

Our Students

Are you interested in tech and enjoy creating?

Career-changers Startup Founders
Non-techies in Tech Companies Students of Non-IT Degrees
There has never been a better time to start your career in web development. Big and small firms are constantly searching for good developers who can write quality code for the web and for web applications.

Few words from our alumni

Tom Harrison

United Kingdom
"I had a good time at the bootcamp, the teachers and students were very friendly and the atmosphere was conducive to learning. The teachers were knowledgable about the subjects and helped us with any problems we had. Overall I have progressed enough to be able to find a job in web development."

Daniela Zelinková

"All the instructors were amazing: smart, funny and really helpful. They also taught us a lot about security. Besides programming we learnt how to work in teams and how to market ourselves. After this course I found a job really quickly as a front-end web developer at one of the best known start-ups in Prague." read more
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Dates and Fees

23 Apr - 13 Jul 2018
75 000 CZK
3 Sep - 23 Nov 2018
75 000 CZK

Currently in Progress

Batch #5 8.1. - 30.3. 2018

Completed Batches

Batch #4 4.9. - 24.11. 2017
Batch #3 18.4. - 10.7. 2017
Batch #2 9.1. - 31.3. 2017
Batch #1 26.9. - 16.12. 2016


1. Is the Bootcamp suitable for complete beginners?
1. Is the Bootcamp suitable for complete beginners?
Yes and No. Yes, if you are a beginner who has been reading upon the field, is highly motivated and has researched and tried out some of the on-line learning options. No, if you have no interest in the field and just heard that the salaries are good ;-) The majority of our students have self-studied HTML / CSS or the basics of other programming languages. The programme also attract students with previous professional experience in design or UX. If you are a beginner who we believe has a great learning potential, we will invite you to complete 50-80 hour pre-bootcamp studies. Be ready for intense studying also outside of the Bootcamp hours. Our instructors will support you in every step.
2. What skills will I have after graduating?
2. What skills will I have after graduating?
After three months of an intense course, our graduates can
  • design and code responsive webpages
  • develop full-stack web applications in PHP and JavaScript
  • safely model and store data in mySQL database
  • integrate third party APIs to apps
  • use modern JavaScript frameworks
  • use cloud-based hosting for web apps
  • get comfortable with using Git through a number of team projects
  • clearly document and present their projects
3. How many and what type of students attend?
3. How many and what type of students attend?
The maximum number of students in one Bootcamp is 16 - big enough to try working in several teams, small enough to get 100% individual attention. Our students are people wishing to change their job, move to a more technical position, startup founders who need an MVP for their new project, or fresh graduates from non-IT subjects who are looking for a fast-track into the tech world.
4. What level of English do I need to have?
4. What level of English do I need to have?
English is the language of the programming world - from the syntax abbreviations for programming languages documentation. English is the language of both Stackoverflow - coders' FAQ - and GitHub - coders' "Facebook". The teaching language of the Bootcamp is English but the goal is to understand each other and be able to read original materials, not write essays.
5. What are the financing options?
5. What are the financing options?
The course fee has the following payment options:
  • 10% discount for students who pay in full in one instalment at the latest five months before the respective Bootcamp starts
  • 5% discount for students who pay in full in one instalment at the latest two months before the respective Bootcamp starts
  • To pay in three installments:
    • Reservation Fee: 30% of the total fee
    • 1st installment payable two weeks before the course starts: 50% of the total fee
    • 2nd installment payable by the end of the 1st month: 20% of the total fee
6. How will the Bootcamp help me get a job?
6. How will the Bootcamp help me get a job?
There has never been a better time to start your career as a web developer. Both international firms and startups are looking for developers who have both technical and creative ability. Based on your profile and your preferences we help you to get a suitable job or advise you on setting up your own project. Thanks to the Bootcamp you can present yourself with several individual and group portfolio projects, learn the whole development process from experienced developers, get to know successful companies and startup founders and learn how to keep on learning. We are proud that 100% of our successful graduates (= those who satisfied the criteria for a Completion Certificate) have found a job in the field within one month of their graduation.
7. Do you offer accommodation?
7. Do you offer accommodation?
The Bootcamp offers a limited amount of its own accommodation where you share with other bootcamp students (approx. 300 - 400 EUR / room / month). The accommodation has direct tram and metro connections to the bootcamp or you can take a longer (but lovely) walk through the Prague city centre. The accommodation is fully furnished (incl. bedsheets and towels) and equipped (incl. oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, wash machine, dry machine). If the student prefers other accommodation options, we provide each student with a list of useful links. Also, all students have access to our on-line platform, where they can share tips on accommodation or flat-hunt together.
8. How can I apply?
8. How can I apply?
There are only 16 spots available at every Bootcamp, thus our goal is to select motivated people who can best utilise the acquired knowledge and contribute to an inspirational atmosphere in the class.
  1. Fill in the registration form - tell us about yourself and your motivation
  2. We will evaluate your application within three days and successful applicants will be invited to a 15-min call
  3. Within the next three days we confirm your participation
  4. Your spot is reserved for five days
  5. After the booking fee is processed you are officially a student of the Coding Bootcamp Praha!
9. How many hours a week I will study and what do I need?
9. How many hours a week I will study and what do I need?
The Bootcamp hours are from Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00 (on Wed 9.00-12.00). The whole Bootcamp is also organised on an on-line platform, where you can access the learning materials and links to interesting articles and you will organise your group projects and submit your tasks there. The platform also serves for your questions and discussions outside of the Bootcamp hours. Be ready for intense work outside of the class, depending on your goals and progress we recommend a minimum of 15-20 hours a week.
You will only need your laptop, a desire to explore and a good attitude.
10. What are the partnership options?
10. What are the partnership options?
We work with partners regarding the placement of our graduates, for invitations of inspiring role-models, and for organisation of "open classes" - workshops open to both our students and the public. Write to us HERE and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting.


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