The first 2020 edition of the Tyden magazine featured an interview about the Coding Bootcamp Praha. The magazine is available on newsstands all over the country, so if you speak Czech, make sure to grab a copy. There is an interview with Coding Bootcamp Praha founder Jana Večerková, for more information, continue with reading.

                                     It’s average weekly expense is 43 862 !                                        " We can make a coder out of almost anyone!"          Jana Večerková - Founder of Coding Bootcamp

What was the interview about?
In the interview we described what are the consequences of the lack of IT workers on the Czech job market. For example, the companies that don't have enough of developers can issues with pushing new innovative projects, simply because they lack the workforce to work on them. Motivating employees can also become tricky as most developers are aware that their skills are in shortage and it's not easy for companies to make changes. According to the research there are over 20 000 open spots in the IT industry.

We can make a coder out of almost anyone!

What does it take to become a coder?
One of the problems of why is there lack of IT workers is that the educational system doen't really put emphasis on IT education and therefore many students do not realise early enough that development is both fun and rewarding. In the interview we also talk about about how to become a coder and what does it take. It takes a lot of persistence and the right mindset. The Coding Bootcamp Praha is very intensive (12 weeks, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM) but after successfully finishing it, you will become a fully-fledged Junior Coder and you have a high chance to get employed already before graduating. 

Big thanks to Týden for having us, it was a pleasure to be part of the 1st edition this year!