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1. Is the Bootcamp suitable for complete beginners?
Yes and No. Yes, if you are a beginner who has been reading upon the field, is highly motivated and has researched and tried out some of the on-line learning options. No, if you have no interest in the field and just heard that the salaries are good ;-) The majority of our students have self-studied HTML / CSS or the basics of other programming languages. The programme also attracts students with previous professional experience in design or UX. If you are a beginner who we believe has a great learning potential, we will invite you to complete 60-80 hour pre-bootcamp studies. Be ready for intense studying also outside of the Bootcamp hours. Our instructors will support you in every step.
2. What skills I have after the graduation?
After 12 weeks of the intense programme, our graduates can:

  • design and code responsive webpages
  • develop full-stack web applications in PHP and JavaScript
  • safely model and store data in mySQL database
  • integrate third party APIs to apps
  • use React - modern JavaScript library
  • use cloud-based hosting for web apps
  • get comfortable with using Git through a number of team projects
  • clearly document and present their projects
3. How does the job guarantee work?
Coding Bootcamp Praha guarantees you get a paying job in the industry as an employee, intern or independent contractor within 180 days upon your graduation. The guarantee is for jobs located in the Czech Republic.

You are eligible for the guarantee if:

  • You receive a Certification of Completion. That means successfully passing all the progress tests and submitting portfolio projects. Your overall score must be at least 75%.
  • You attend at least 95% of the Bootcamp.
  • You are eligible to work in the Czech Republic and willing to work in the Czech Republic in-person.
  • You also need to be in close touch with our Career Services team, actively search for a job, be available for interviews and continue working on your programming skills.
  • Check the full list of requirements HERE
We guarantee that if these conditions are fully met and the student has not been offered a job that we fully refund the tuition fee he or she paid for the programme.
4. How many students attend and what level of English they have?
The maximum number of students in one Bootcamp is 20 - big enough to try working in several teams, small enough to get 100% individual attention. Our students are people who wish to change their job, move to a more technical position, startup founders who need an MVP for their new project, or fresh graduates from non-IT subjects who are looking for a fast-track into the tech world. Check the stories of our Alumni.

English is the language of the programming world - from the syntax abbreviations to the documentation of all the programming languages. English is the language of both Stackoverflow - coders FAQ - and GitHub - developers "Facebook". The teaching language of the Bootcamp is English but the objective is to understand each other and be able to read original materials, not write essays.
5. What are the financing options and why are you so affordable?
The programme has the following payment options:

  • 10% / 5% discount for students who pay in full in one instalment at the latest five/ three months before the respective Bootcamp starts
  • To pay in three instalments:
    • 1st Instalment (= Reservation Fee): 40% of the total fee
    • 2nd Instalment payable four weeks before the course starts: 40% of the total fee
    • 3rd Instalment payable by the end of the 1st month: 20% of the total fee
Coding Bootcamp Praha is at least 2 - 4 times more cost efficient than any comparable 12-week fullstack programme across the world. How do we manage this? The programme is facilitated by Data4You, a non-profit organization with a mission to make programming skills ubiquitous. We facilitate affordable programmes to allow a higher proportion of society to benefit from the tech skills - in their jobs and lives. Thanks to our partners and volunteers we keep an excellent educational standard. Any money raised is re-invested back into our programmes to support our mission.
6. How can I apply?
There are only 18 places available in each Bootcamp. Our goal is to select motivated people who can best utilise the acquired knowledge and contribute to an inspirational atmosphere in the class. Here is how you can apply:

  1. Fill in the registration form - tell us about yourself and your motivation.
  2. We evaluate your application within max three days and successful applicants are invited to a 20-min call
  3. Within the next two days we confirm your participation
  4. Your place is reserved for five days
  5. After the booking fee is processed you are officially a student of the Coding Bootcamp Praha.
7. How many hours a week I should study and what do I need?
The Bootcamp hours are from Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00 (on Wed 9.00-12.00). The whole Bootcamp is also organised on an on-line platform, where you can access the learning materials and links to interesting articles, organise your group projects and submit your tasks. The platform also serves for your questions and discussions outside of the Bootcamp hours. Be ready for intense work outside of the class, depending on your goals and progress we recommend a minimum of 15-20 hours a week.

You will only need your laptop (Mac, Windows or Linux), a desire to explore and a good attitude.
8. Is there any certificate?
Every student that successfully submits all the progress tests and portfolio projects and attended at least 90% of the Bootcamp, is entitled to receive a Certification of Completion. The minimum criteria for successful submission are clearly defined in each assignment. Students who score among the top 20% in their respective batch receive a Completion Certificate with a distinction. Students who do not satisfy the minimum criteria but fulfilled the minimum attendance condition, receive an Attendance Certificate.
9. How will the Bootcamp help me get a job?
There has never been a better time to start your career as a web developer. Both international companies and startups are looking for developers who have both technical and creative ability. Based on your profile and your preferences we help you to get a suitable job or advise you on setting up your own project. Thanks to the Bootcamp you can present yourself with several individual and group portfolio projects, learn the whole development process from experienced developers, get to know successful companies and startup founders and learn how to keep on learning.
We have established many partnerships with tech companies, which cooperate with us on the Bootcamp and have become our hiring partners. Check here where our Alumni work.
10. What % of students get hired?
The percentage of students who (1) have successfully completed the bootcamp (received the Certificate of completion), and (2) looked for a fulltime job, (3) have found a job within two months upon graduation is 96%. But what does this number really mean? 
A student successfully graduates only if (1) they passed all progress tests, the final exam and fulfilled the minimum criteria for the final project and (2) attended at least 90% of the classes. On average 80% of students from each batch successfully graduate. Also, we have on average 15-20% of students in each batch that attend the Bootcamp because they have a startup project in mind and wish to create an MVP of their product within the Bootcamp. These students are not applying for jobs upon graduation but continue developing their project, often with a continuing support from our side.
11. Can I study part-time only?
We recommend anyone who is interested in learning web development to take the time off to attend a full-time programme. The reason is that majority of students need a full dedication when they are learning software engineering. In our experience it is near to impossible to combine a job with software engineering studies as it is a very different mindset to what most jobs entail.
At the Coding Bootcamp Praha we focus on students who are certain that they wish to change fields and become web developers and we advise anyone who is interested in this field to take the risk and go for an immersive learning experience. In some cases, employers are open to give their employees a un-paid leave and keep their position for them. Specifically tech companies are often open to their previously non-tech employee to skill up and then get internally transferred into development.
12. Why do you teach PHP and JavaScript?
We have carefully picked the most sought-after tech stack that the companies are looking for - JavaScript and PHP.

PHP is a junior-friendly way to learn programming and as the number one web language it comes with a big online support community. JavaScript is rapidly becoming the most used programming language in the world and these two languages combine well together for creating more complex web apps.

The Final Projects of our students are typically built using Laravel (PHP framework) for the backend and/ or React (JavaScript library) to create the best user interface. Within the team project you have the opportunity to specialise more on the frontend or backend technologies - or go fullstack.
13. How should I prepare myself before the Bootcamp starts?
We recommend studying the basics of Command Line, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP at these free online platforms: codeacademy.comfreecodecamp.com, udemy.com. All accepted students get an invitation to our online platform where they are provided with detailed instructions on what to study before the bootcamp.

This might look overwhelming at first but once you click though the resources, you will see that these are really the basics. Switching careers is a serious choice, thus we believe it makes sense to spend a bit of your free time to research whether programming & web development feels like a good fit. Once you get excited about the first coding problem (even if it is something very simple) you are ready.

However, we do teach all materials from the beginning to make sure that everyone has the same ground knowledge, so we do not expect people to come here with any concise programming experience and each student has opportunity to check with the instructors even regarding the complete basics. 
14. Can I visit the campus?
Our teaching space is located in the center of Prague - Perlová 5, Praha 1 - and we are always happy to meet you in person. We organise regular meet-ups where you can meet our team, ask questions about the Bootcamp and also meet our current students. Follow our news on the web, check out our events or social media to find out the closest date. Alternatively, if you are in Prague at some other time, we can arrange a quick visit to our campus.
15. How to find accommodation in Prague?
Prague is a popular city, so we recommend to search for accommodation ahead of time. There are popular websites and social media groups, which we share with our students to help them with the flat hunting process. The students are also provided access to the upcoming students and alumni, so they can get help from the community too. The rent charges vary a lot depending on the location and flat quality, thus shop around a little to find something that fits your budget.
16. What are the partnership options?
We work with partner companies regarding the placement of our graduates, scholarship sponsorships, re-skilling their employees, and for invitations of inspiring role-models to our Demo Days. Read more about the Partnership Options .

Also, our students develop real world projects for clients as a part of building their portfolio. Your project needs to be an NGO or a startup idea to qualify. If we accept the project, the students will develop an MVP in a close collaboration with you - the project owner.

Write to us HERE and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting.

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Become a hiring partner or submit a startup / NGO project for our students to develop

We work with a number of companies to place our graduates.

Our students develop real world projects for clients as a part of building their portfolio. Your project needs to be an NGO or a startup idea to qualify. If we accept the project, the students will develop an MVP in a close collaboration with you - the project owner.

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