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1. What is Coding Bootcamp Praha?
Coding Bootcamp Praha focuses on career transformation, specialising in the most in-demand programming, coding and data skills. Coding Bootcamp Praha is the only European coding bootcamp awarded not only by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but also by the European Commission for the high success rate of graduates in the labour market. Our main mission is to make the whole world of IT accessible to those who have not yet had the opportunity and to provide them with quality learning opportunities from experts in the field. Our students are people who wish to change their career, workers who want to move to a more technical position, startup founders who build an MVP for their new project, or fresh graduates of non-IT subjects looking for a fast-track into the tech world. Check the stories of our alumni.

Our core programmes are:
2. Are the bootcamps suitable for beginners?
For the Full Data Science Bootcamp, there are no specific prerequisites. The course is designed for beginners.

For the Web Development Bootcamp we will send you resources that we ask you to study before your online interview. The majority of our students have self-studied HTML / CSS or the basics of some programming language. However, even if you are a complete beginner, feel free to apply and get ready using the resources we will share with you.

For both courses, we recommend researching the field and trying out some of the online learning options. It will help you decide whether this is the right skill for you to fully immerse yourself into. Also, be ready for a demanding study load, including preparation outside of Bootcamp hours.
3. What will I know after the bootcamp?
The specific skills, which you learn during the course are defined on the specific course page. However, the general characteristics of our graduates are:
  • They are challenge-driven
  • They know how to collaborate in teams
  • They have a wide skill set and are capable of adapting quickly in a fast-paced environment
  • They are passionate about what they do
  • They are able to clearly document and present their projects

Our bootcamps combine hard and soft skills. Our students learn how to quickly adapt to using new tools, methodologies, processes and ways of thinking. Each of our students is unique and has their own goal after completing the Bootcamp. But there is one thing they have in common: Whether they are looking for a career in programming or data science, starting their own business, or simply wanting to acquire new skills, they have what it takes to pursue this goal.
4. How many students attend and what level of English is required?
Regarding Web Development Bootcamp, there are only 18-20 students in one bootcamp – a group big enough to try working in several teams, but also small enough to get 100% individual attention. English is the language of the tech world – from syntax abbreviations to the documentation of all programming languages. English is the language of both Stackoverflow (coders’ “FAQ”) and GitHub (developers’ “Facebook”). For this reason, the language of instruction at the Web Development Bootcamp is English. (Keep in mind that the objective is to be able to communicate with one another and to be able to read original materials, not write essays.)

Data Science Bootcamp can be studied either in English or in Czech. (Each course is marked with “EN” for English or “CZ” for Czech.) However, keep in mind that even if you sign up for the course in the Czech language, you are expected to have a working knowledge of English, so that you read study materials in English and do research online without being limited to Czech resources only. If you are comfortable with reading in English, that is sufficient. For the course taught in English, we expect you to be comfortable both reading and speaking in English at all times throughout the course.
5. What are the payment options?
When paying for our fulltime bootcamps you can select from several payment plans (fees for our short courses can be found here):

1) One instalment plan: You can pay the full tuition fee and utilise the available discounts. For some courses you can also utilise up to 10% super early bird discount.
2) Multiple instalments plan: You can pay the first instalment once you get accepted and 1-2 instalments later (details vary depending on the bootcamp type)
3) Pay later plan: This plan is split into 1st instalment at the time once you get accepted and a number of future monthly payments after the bootcamp. This plan is available to all participants with Czech citizenship or Czech permanent residency.
4) Pay later with 50 000 Kč MPSV support plan: This plan allows you to get 50,000 CZK from the Labour Office (payable after you successfully complete the course). This support is available for anyone (whether employed, student or unemployed) who is a tax resident in the Czech Republic.

Specific payments details for our bootcamps:
Coding Bootcamp Praha mission is to keep education as affordable as possible. For this reason we offer Pay Later plan, which allow our students to pay the majority of their tuition fees after their bootcamp. We facilitate affordable coding bootcamps to enable more people to benefit from digital skills – in their jobs and lives, overall. We use the funds to invest back into our programmes to maintain an excellent standard of education.
6. How can I apply?
Our goal is to select highly motivated people who can best utilise the acquired knowledge and contribute to an inspirational atmosphere in the class. Here is how you can apply:

For Web Development Bootcamp:
  1. Fill in the registration form - tell us about yourself and your motivation.
  2. We evaluate your application within 24 hours (on working days) and successful applicants are invited to a 20-min call
  3. Within the next two days we confirm your participation
  4. Your place is reserved for five days
  5. After the booking fee is processed you officially become a Coding Bootcamp Praha student and you will gain access to our e-learning platform with prebootcamp materials.
For Data Science Bootcamp:
  1. Fill in the registration form - tell us about yourself and your motivation.
  2. Fill out the assessment form. This form is evaluated automatically.
  3. If you meet the course requirements, you can proceed with booking your place.
  4. After the booking fee is processed you officially become a Coding Bootcamp Praha student and you will gain access pre-course information.
7. What is the time commitment for the bootcamp?
Classes run from 9 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday. For Web Development Bootcamp, Wednesday classes take place between 9 AM and 12 PM, and the afternoon is dedicated to either self-study or additional activities (such as career support, mentoring, etc.). As the Bootcamp is an intensive experience, you will also need to commit to a minimum of 10-15 hours of work outside your classes each week.

For the entire Bootcamp, we make use of our own e-learning platform where you can access the study materials and links to interesting articles, organise your group projects and submit your tasks. The platform also serves as space for your questions and discussions outside of Bootcamp hours.
8. Is there a part-time option?
If you are serious about learning web development or data science, we recommend that you take the time to attend a full-time programme. This is because the majority of students find it more efficient to focus fully on their studies when they are learning software engineering or other digital skills. In our experience it is next to impossible to combine software engineering studies with a job as the programme requires switching to a very different mindset to what most jobs entail.

If you are serious about changing your career and becoming a web developer or data scientist, it typically makes sense to take the risk and go for an immersive learning experience. In some cases, employers are open to giving their employees unpaid leave for the duration of their studies. This is specifically the case with tech companies, which are often open to creating opportunities to let a previously non-tech employee to skill up and then transfer internally into development.

If you are not ready for such a major change or are still exploring your options, you can sign up for one of our short-term courses. These are part-time (evening) classes that will allow you to grasp the basic concepts and skills. You can view and register for any of our upcoming events and short courses here.
9. Is there any certificate?
Every student enrolled in our full-time programmes (Web Development Bootcamp and Data Science Bootcamp) who successfully passes all progress tests, submits all portfolio projects and attends at least 90% of the bootcamp, is entitled to receive a certificate of completion. (The minimum criteria for successful submission are defined in each assignment.) In case the student does not meet all the above criteria but attends at least 90% of the bootcamp, they are entitled to receive a certificate of attendance.
10. Will the bootcamp help me get a job?
There has never been a better time to start your career in the tech world – as a web developer, a data scientist, or in another role which makes use of the digital skills we teach. Local and international companies as well as startups are looking for employees who have both technical and creative ability. Based on your profile and your preferences we will coach you step by step so that you can find a suitable job.

Our career support services include workshops on developing your resume and portfolio, mock interviews, and help with understanding the market landscape. Thanks to the Bootcamp you will also have several individual and group portfolio projects to showcase what you can do. You will also be familiar with the whole development / project process, having learned about it from experts. Last but not least, you will learn how to keep on learning.

Through our many partnerships with tech, corporate, and startup companies you can get in touch with our hiring partners: check where our alumni work..
11. How does the Job Guarantee work?
After completing the Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp, Coding Bootcamp Praha guarantees you will get a paying job in the industry as an employee, intern or independent contractor within 180 days of your graduation. The guarantee is for jobs located in the Czech Republic.

You are eligible for the Job Guarantee if:

  • You receive a Certificate of Completion from the Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp. That means successfully passing all the progress tests and submitting all portfolio projects. Your overall score must be at least 75%.
  • You attend at least 95% of the Bootcamp in-person.
  • You are eligible to work in the Czech Republic and willing to work in the Czech Republic in-person.
  • You also need to be in close touch with our Career Services team, to be actively searching for a job, to be available for interviews, and to continue working on your programming skills.
  • Check the full list of requirements.
We guarantee that if these conditions are fully met and the student has not been offered a job that we fully refund the tuition fee he or she paid for the programme.
12. What % of students get hired?
The percentage of students who (1) have successfully completed the Web Development Bootcamp (received the Certificate of completion), (2) looked for a fulltime job, and (3) have found a job within two months upon graduation is 96%. But what does this number really mean?

A student successfully graduates when they receive a certificate of completion. On average 90% of students from each batch successfully graduate.

However, not all students attend the bootcamp to switch careers. Some students attend the bootcamp because they have a new project in mind and wish to create an MVP of their product within the bootcamp. Others learn new skills because they want to apply them in their current careers or for their general self-development. Whatever goal you have in mind, our team is happy to help you.
13. What sort of prep work is required?
For Data Science Bootcamp, we recommend attending the full 8-week course, which is designed for beginners.

For Web Development Bootcamp we ask students to study the basics of programming as a part of our Prebootcamp Studies. Once the student is accepted to the bootcamp, we share with them access to our e-learning platform where they can read, watch videos, do coding challenges, and take quizzes to test your knowledge. The students are provided with detailed instructions on what to study before the bootcamp.

However, we do teach all materials from the beginning to make sure that everyone has the same basic knowledge, so we do not expect people to join the bootcamp with concise programming experience. Each student has an opportunity to check with the instructors even regarding the complete basics.
14. Can I visit the campus?
We organise regular online and in-person Info Sessions where you can meet our team and ask any questions you have about our bootcamps or short courses. Check out our events to find out the closest date.

If you prefer to meet us in-person at other times, we can arrange a quick visit to our campus. Our office is located in Prague - check out the address. Feel free to write to us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting.
15. What equipment do I need?
You need a laptop (Mac, Windows or Linux) with a webcam and, in case you decide to study online, then also a reliable Internet connection. In case you are not sure whether your laptop can handle all the tools you will be using during the programme, feel free to send us your computer specification (your OS, processor, and memory) and we will let you know our opinion. However, in most cases any modern laptop should do just fine.

As for other requirements: you need a desire to explore, and a positive attitude!
16. Can I partner with your organisation?
We believe in synergies where our worlds intersect and we are happy to explore new opportunities. So if you are a company involved in web development or data science, we would be happy to talk to you about a potential partnership. This can take on many forms:

  • You can gain access to the pool of CBP’s graduates to help you fill the posts of web developers and data scientists in your company
  • You can sponsor a scholarship to help a person from a disadvantaged background gain access to education which will change their lives
  • You can use our services to help provide technical training to your employees, especially when they are seeking to transition to a technical role
  • You can also help by providing experienced mentors to our students
  • You can network with us and our other partner organisations at events like Demo Day

For more information, please have a look at our Partnership Options page.

Send us a message and we'll be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss potential cooperation.

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