1. Introduction

Read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms") carefully before using any services of Coding Bootcamp Praha. The publisher of these Terms is Data4You z.s. IČ 02858703, and Data4You Digital s.r.o. IČ 06222447 ("Data4You").

The Terms determine the relationship between Data4You and participants interested in attending the educational programmes and events organised by Data4You. The Terms are binding for both parties as of the moment when the participant submits his or her application to attend any of the programmes organised by Data4You.

The Terms represent an integral part of the contractual relationship between the selected participants of the Data4You educational programmes.

2. Basic Provisions

Data4You is a privately held organisation focused on providing digital skills to interested participants through its own activities such as Coding Bootcamp Praha ("Organiser").

"Coding Bootcamp Praha ("Bootcamp") is a brand name used by the Organiser for the portfolio of educational programmes, which the Organiser facilitates. The description of the courses, goals, timings, conditions and any course fees are published in the course description on: www.codingbootcamp.cz.

"Participants" is a participant of the Bootcamp who reached the age of 18 before the beginning of the Bootcamp, was chosen by the Organiser and registered with the Organiser to attend the Bootcamp or any event.

"Course" is an online or in-person educational programme the Bootcamp provides. Bootcamp provides the following Courses:

  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • Other either online or in-person Courses or events

"Website" means the website located at www.codingbootcamp.cz or any online service or platform, used in connection with providing the services provided by the Organiser. The website enables the Courses Participants to view information online about classes, courses, workshops, teaching materials and other education programs and events offered by the Organiser.

3. Sign-up Process and Duties of Both Parties

The Participant can sign-up through a web form on the Website. By submitting the form, the Participant agrees to the Terms. The application process varies based on the specifics of the respective course.

The selection of Participants is conducted exclusively by the Organiser. The Bootcamp offer is valid until the capacity of the specific Course is reached. In case of full capacity, the selected participants are offered a spot in an upcoming Courses (subject to availability).

By submitting a registration form, the Participant confirms that he or she has access to a private computer that can be used during the teaching hours of the Course.

The Organiser is obliged to provide education and skills to the extent specified on the website within the time period set in the registration form. The Organiser is obliged to ensure the Course is led by an experienced instructor.

The Participant is obliged to comply with all the provisions of the Terms, including the payment of the fee; not to disturb the Bootcamp flow and not endanger the property and health of other Participants or instructors. The Participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the Bootcamp staff.

4. Fees

The Course fees are specified in the description of each specific course on the Website.

The bank account numbers of the Organiser: IBAN CZ5701000001154716260287 for CZK payments, and CZ1701000001154890400257 for EUR payments, BIC/SWIFT code KOMBCZPPXXX. The payment reference number and other payment-related details are stated in the payment instructions, sent to the Participant.

The fee includes the teaching, study materials and in case of fulfilling the conditions also the provision of the certificate.

5. Refund Policy

The refund policy for the Courses provided by the Bootcamp is as follows:

  • The Participant cancels their participation up to 45 days before the respective Course starts - the Participant is liable for 40% of the total fee.
  • The Participant cancels their participation between 44 days and the beginning of the Course - the Participant is liable for 80% of the total fee.
  • The Participant cancels their participation after the beginning of the Bootcamp - the Participant is liable for the total fee.

In case the Participant decides not to attend the Course, the Participant does not have any legal claim for refunding the fee. In case of serious health issues verified by a medical report (in Czech or English), which disable the Participant to participate in the specific Course, and which appear in the period between 44 days before the respective Course and the completion of 40% of the relevant Course, the Participant has the right to participate at an alternative Course chosen by mutual agreement, as long as the 40% reservation fee is paid again. Such circumstances must be immediately reported to the Organiser in writing.

The Organizer retains the right to terminate a Participant involvement in the Course without any reimbursement in the event that the Participant significantly disrupts the Course proceedings or poses a threat to the well-being, both physical and emotional, of other Participants or members of the Bootcamp staff. Such disruptions encompass, but are not limited to, instances where a Participant issues explicit threats of physical harm, or engages in verbal insults (including offensive language or profanity), directed towards their fellow classmates or any member of the staff, or causes damage to property, including the property of other Participants or the Bootcamp facility. In these circumstances, the Organizer reserves the right to expel the offending Participant from the Course without any refund.

6. The Job Guarantee Scheme Eligibility (Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp)

After completing the Course “Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp” (= web development course on both frontend and backend) the Organiser guarantees you get a paying job in the industry as an employee, intern or independent contractor within 180 days upon your graduation. The guarantee is for jobs located in the Czech Republic. The student can apply (by submitting a provided document) for the Job Guarantee Scheme within the first week of the course.

The students are eligible for the guarantee if:

  • They receive a Certification of Completion. That means successfully submitting all the progress tests and portfolio projects. Your overall score must be at least 75%.
  • They attend at least 95% of the Bootcamp in person.
  • They are eligible to work in the Czech Republic and willing to work in the Czech Republic in-person
  • They are willing to accept a job in the industry as recommended by our Career Services
  • They are willing to accept a job in the industry when offered. If the student declines a job offer, he or she is no longer eligible for the guarantee
  • They have 100 % attendance at the Job support sessions, and be responsive to the Career Counsellor
  • They are available to interview for minimum of 2 in-person interviews per week after the Bootcamp finishes
  • They make contact with at least 5 job prospects each week and submit weekly job search logs to the Career Support team. The student must also track all correspondence related to the job search and be able to provide details upon reimbursement request relating to employer, position, date of submission, and application materials.
  • Must submit code challenges for job applications within required time
  • Post 5 GitHub commits per week

Bootcamp guarantees that when these conditions are fully met and the student has not been offered a job, we fully refund the tuition fee he or she paid for the programme.

7. Time and Place of the Bootcamp, Organisational Changes

Time and place of each Course are specified in the Course description on the Website and also in the registration form. The Organiser reserves the right to make changes in the schedule, place and time, and instructor staffing if such changes are necessary for the successful conduct of the Course. The Organiser is entitled to cancel the Course for serious reasons (Force Majeure, including electricity outage, sudden illness of an instructor etc.). In this case, the Participant is offered an alternative Course based on mutual agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, the Participant is refunded the full fee that was already paid. For serious reasons, the Organiser can cancel a Course also in its duration. In this case, the Participant is refunded an aliquot part of the already paid fee in dependence on the number of lessons that did not take place.

8. Student Account and Communication

The Participants gain access to an online platform ("Platform") for the duration of the Course. The Platform serves for communication with other students and Bootcamp staff. Group and individual projects are submitted through this Platform. The Participant is responsible for any comments or materials that he or she publishes on the Platform. The Organiser is entitled to delete any comments violating good manners, spamming or harming the Organiser.

9. Ownership and Using the Contents of the Bootcamp

The materials of the Bootcamp include design, texts, graphics, pictures, information, logos, icons, code, syllabus and other materials ("Materials"). These Materials represent know-how owned by the Organiser and are subject to protection by copyright law n. 121/2000 Sb, copyright law, as amended ("zák. č. 121/2000 Sb, autorský zákon, ve znění pozdějších předpisů"). During the Bootcamp the Organiser allows the Participants to use the Materials exclusively for personal study. Any other use is explicitly forbidden. No Materials can be copied, recorded, inserted, downloaded, forwarded, or distributed in any other way without the prior written consent of the Organiser.

10. Other Ownership

The Participant is responsible for using any links and materials - especially visual and graphics materials. Many of these materials are protected by copyright laws, which the Participants need to get themselves acquainted with. The Organiser is not responsible in any way for violating third parties copyright rights by the Participants.

11. Certificate

Every Participant of our full-time programmes (Web Development Bootcamp and Data Science Bootcamp) that successfully passed all progress tests, submits all portfolio projects and attended at least 90% of the Course, is entitled to receive a graduation certificate. The minimum criteria for successful submission are clearly defined in each assignment. The certificate will be sent electronically at the latest 15 working days after the Course ends.

12. Missed Lessons

The Organiser does not provide any financial or other compensation for lessons that the Participant did not attend.

13. Handling Personal Information

The protection of Participants personal information is in accordance with law 101/2000 Sb., personal information protection law, as amended ("zákon č. 101/2000 Sb., o ochraně osobních údajů, ve znění pozdějších předpisů") and the EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). The Participant agrees with his or her personal information to be stored and processed by the Organiser for the purposes of fulfilling contractual obligations and for marketing purposes. The Participant can object to his personal data processing anytime according to article 21 of the Regulation. The Participant agrees that the Organiser stores their personal data to the extent necessary for attending the Bootcamp and for facilitating this attendance, including ID/ passport number, name, surname, mailing and electronic address. The Participant agrees with their personal details to be collected and processed by the Organiser or by a third party authorised by the Organiser. In addition, the Participant has the right to obtain from the Organizer as an administrator a confirmation that his or her personal data are being processed and, if so, has the right to access such data. Personal data will be processed for as long as required to fulfil the purpose for which they are processed. Once the purpose expires, the personal data shall be deleted.

Personal information will be stored and processed for an indefinite period of time.

The Organiser or a third party authorised by the Organiser cannot further process personal details for marketing purposes, in case the Participant expresses his or her disagreement in writing.

14. Any changes in the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are valid from 3 February 2016 with the last update on March 3, 2023.

15. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising potentially from the contractual relationship between the Participant and the Organiser, whose subject is the attendance of the Participant at the Bootcamp, are governed by the Czech law and will be resolved by courts of law based on law n. 99/1963 Sb., Civil Procedure Code, as amended ("zák. č. 89/2012 Sb., občanský soudní řád, ve znění pozdějších předpisů").