On a sunny day of March 29th 2019, the Demo Day #8 took place at Prague Startup Market. Our students presented their final projects on which they had worked hard during the previous weeks. Each of the project was very interesting and some of the students even expressed the will to work on their projects afterwards. But their new jobs are a priority, of course! And what were their projects about? Watch the video below where our teams talk specifically about their projects.

If you want to know what was the most important thing that our students from Winter Batch 2019 learned at the bootcamp, watch the following video:


But before our students even started presenting, there were some remarkable speeches which inspired not only the students, but also the audience in general. Alex Kingham from Broadcom had a presentation called "How We Organise Our Teams Using Agile and Scrum" so we got to learn more about said techniques and their impact on the project management. We welcomed back Miloš Broulík from Barclays who told the audience something very motivational: "Be curious - and prove it! Be honest & don't be afraid to fail." When it comes to useful advices, Martin Macháček from Inventi even gave us a list of them! 

1) Don't be hasty!

2) Know what you're solving.

3) Think before you write.

4) Take baby steps.

5) Do a self-code review."

Last but not least, Coding Bootcamp Praha's instructor Martin Podloucký talked about his own experience with teaching which was pretty amusing.

Do you want to know more? Watch a short overview of the evening here:

Thank you all for coming and we wish the best of luck to our Winter Batch 2019 alumni students! 

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