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Prague, Czech Republic · Part-time Job

Job Description

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Hours: Part Time
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Type: Part-time Job

About the Job

Our instructors and mentors shape the world by helping others to learn digital skills - frontend, backend, fullstack, UX and design. We are looking for passionate mentors who want to assist others on their learning path and inspire them to become the best version of themselves. We believe that by teaching others each mentor is learning themselves - not only in terms of their technical skills but especially their leadership, management, and interpersonnal skills. Our instructors are part of our strong community and are encouraged to build their network and personal brand. To become an instructor you should be knowledgeable, collaborative, and motivated but most importantly you should truly enjoy the process of empowering others to grow. Our teaching hours are flexible and can be combined with a fulltime job, if necessary. Let us know what you might be interested in teaching and we can talk soon.

You should have some of these skills:

  • Passion for helping others grow
  • JavaScript / PHP
  • Databases
  • HTML / CSS
  • UX / Web Design
  • Experience in web development