Do you want to strengthen your skills in data analysis and application? Data Science Bootcamp, which will launch in May 2023, will help you do just that! The programme, whose goal is to help you gain a deeper understanding of analytics, models, algorithms, platforms, and tools for analyzing problems, will offer hands-on experience with real world datasets. In this way, the programme hopes to train a new generation of data professionals, equipped to work efficiently in this rapidly growing field.

Jana Večerková, the founder and CEO of Coding Bootcamp Praha, explains, “Data science is a fast-growing field that may be of interest to anyone who enjoys solving challenges. Technology is used to uncover insights from data, which are then used to address any number of issues – business or social problems, for instance – in a holistic way. It combines the application of logic and creativity.”

The Data Science Bootcamp will be a full-time programme led by an experienced team of Coding Bootcamp Prague mentors in cooperation with experts from EY. It will cover topics such as data processing and analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. Participants will gain hands-on experience through assignments and a final project that will help them apply the concepts they learn during the course. Final project presentations will take place at a public Demo Day event at the end of the bootcamp.

“Data science is increasingly important for business decision making. It can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends that can help companies make better decisions,” said Michal Ambler of EY, adding, “It is in our DNA to participate in educational initiatives, even in areas where there is the greatest societal need and interest. That's why we look forward to helping students gain knowledge in the field of data science.”

Data scientists are in high demand not only in the Czech Republic, but also around the world, and the new course aims to meet this need by not only providing students with the latest knowledge, but also helping them find employment. With an estimated shortage of 8000-10,000 data professionals in the Czech Republic alone, there is a good reason to consider a career in this burgeoning industry. 

Data Science Bootcamp will be launched in May 2023. From discovering trends in large amounts of complex data to forecasting outcomes accurately, the programme will provide the resources needed to become an expert in today's rapidly evolving landscape. 

The programme is open to all levels – from beginners to experienced programmers who want to expand their knowledge and transition into the world of data science. All applicants must have basic programming skills or have completed a previous coding course before enrolling in this program. To learn more about the programme or to apply, visit