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Studium na Coding Bootcamp Praha

The bootcamp is a life-changing experience and provides you with a coding family - during and after the programme.

Our students come from all walks of life and they leave as trained software engineers. The number one ingredient for you to successfully switch careers is an immersive environment - getting support for experienced instructors but also motivating each other with your fellow students. You will be all learning intensily and going through the same struggles for 12 weeks and you will leave with friends for life.

We organise a number of events during the bootcamp - Welcome Parties, Alumni Events, HR and Career Support Workshops, Hackathons, Demo Days, and invite you for workshops of our partner companies.

We are proud to have 30% female students on average in the bootcamp. To support our female graduates, we organise regular Female Alumni Dinners.

12 Weeks Fulltime
420 Teaching Hours
20+ Hours of Job Support
4 Hackathons
1 Demoday

Learning Environment

Our instructors and mentors are passionate about teaching. We have carefully picked the most sought-after tech stack that the companies are looking for - JavaScript and PHP.

Why did we choose to teach JavaScript and PHP? PHP is a junior-friendly way to learn programming and as the number one web language it comes with a big online support community. JavaScript is rapidly becoming the most used programming language in the world and these two languages combine well together for creating more complex web apps.

The Final Projects of our students are typically built using Laravel (PHP framework) for the backend and/ or React (JavaScript library) to create the best user interface. Within the team project you have the opportunity to specialise more on the frontend or backend technologies - or go fullstack.

Studentské projekty