"I am a 26 year old girl who has a bachelors degree from sociology and social policy. And I decided to start with programming. I found out about the Coding Bootcamp Prague. And I did apply. Best decision in my life :)

They teach the most important programming concepts and advanced tools but also basic design rules, how to organize yourself and your work and how to get a job. I knew only the very basics of HTML, CSS and PHP and now, after only three-month course I work as a front-end developer at one of the best known start-ups in Czech Republic.

The course was well-organized. We did learn a lot from theory, but also had enough practice. They were there for us, but did not force us to do anything. I did study also outside of the classroom so I could follow as the course was really intense. We had loads of fun both inside and outside of the classroom. Lectors were amazing, helpful, smart and funny, not too serious, which I appreciate. They are really great at what they are doing and can actually teach.

Jana is a great leader and everything went smoothly, we even had chance to meet recruiters for the IT, who helped us to prepare for the interviews and to create the best CV we could. We had several one to one talks with Jana about our on-line professional profiles and how to put ourselves out there on the market. Thanks for that!"

"This three months long course changed my life!"


Full-stack Web Developer

Participating in the Coding Bootcamp Prague early 2017 was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s like pushing the fast forward button in learning. In twelve weeks I managed to master all the necessary skills to code and launch my own web applications and those of others.

The curriculum, the study atmosphere, the course structure and the professional staff all contribute to making this bootcamp one of the best coding schools on the planet. The program is incredibly intensive, but for those who struggle there are sufficient opportunities  to receive additional personal support and catch up.

I would recommend the Coding Bootcamp Prague to anyone who is looking for an professional, effective and unforgettable experience that will kickstart a new career in software development.

"It's like pushing the fast forward button!"


Junior Back End Developer, WDF
Czech Republic

I am glad that I could be part of such an inspirational collective which has always pushed me to get the best out of me. This quarter was very challenging in a way. I have never experienced such an intensive training and study in my life (not even in university but that's probably because my field of study sucked baaad).

But I have to say that it was worth it - I learned many new things and I assured myself that programming is what I want to do in future. At this point I'd like to send big thanks to the whole BC team and all the lecturers. You are awesome! I had so much fun during all the lessons and I loved it.

I'd like to thank you all guys once again. Last three months were BLAST and basically changed my life. You guys rock! Loved the time we've spent together and miss you already!

"The collective always pushed to get the best out of me"


PHP developer

Data4You Coding Boot Camp prepared me for an entry level position as a PHP programmer. I had a job offer with in 35 days of completing the boot camp. I had several interviews lined up before i even returned home.

I feel confident that I will be able to preform my tasks in this role and continue to grow as a programmer. The instructors were very knowledgeable and often entertaining.

I enjoyed my time in Prague and made many new friends from all over Europe. 

"The instructors are very knowledgeable"


Junior Frontend Developer

Although I was a complete beginner in coding, the instructors were gentle and always welcomed any questions. Since the students  had similar professional experience and the ambition to change their careers, we inspired and motivated each other a lot.

The environment was very international and diverse, it was really fascinating to share our life experience and ideas.

The progress in these three months was huge. I'm confidently participating in some coding projects now. The moment I feel my progress the most was the moment I realized that I started to understand programming jokes.

"I understand programming jokes now"


Frontend Developer

Coding Bootcamp Praha has been a wonderful experience, being sunk in a driving environment with like-minded people that share the same goal of learning how to code, for three months.

Perfect way to make ones laziness go away and learn!

Beware: You might dream of code.

"You might dream of code!"



Had a great time at the bootcamp, 12 weeks that seemed to be as short as one month! You have to give FULL COMMITMENT to get the maximum out of it and it's worth it!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to learn web development and meet new people. The instructor were great and knowledgeable.

From someone who barely knows how to make an HTML file with few word to someone who works on a real project with an amazing instructor, I've definetly learn a lot in an exponential way :) 

"You have to be fully committed to get the max out of it!"