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10 Code Snippets For Creating Animated Headers & Video Backgrounds

Every great website needs a beautiful header to grab attention. It’s the first thing visitors see, and it’s the only thing encouraging visitors to scroll down.

If you want to grab attention fast then a custom animated header is one way to do it. And these examples are sure to grab anyone’s attention after they land on your site for the first time.

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The future of Bitcoin: What Lightning could look like

After years of conceptualization and development, the first Lightning implementations are now in beta. As a result, more nodes are appearing online every day, a growing number of users are opening channels with one another, and some merchants even started to accept Lightning payments.

But of course, these are still the very early days of theLightning Network. While the main implementations are usable and some wallets and other applications are available, Bitcoin’s overlay payment network is projected to improve over the next few years in areas ranging from network architecture to security and usability, and more.

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Building A Serverless Contact Form For Your Static Site

Static site generators provide a fast and simple alternative to Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. There’s no server or database setup, just a build process and simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Unfortunately, without a server, it’s easy to hit their limits quickly. For instance, in adding a contact form.

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Tech Tent: Do we now trust Facebook?

It has been a week where Facebook has gone some way to soothe the concerns of its developers and has seen the company which sparked its data privacy crisis go out of business.

On Tech Tent we ask whether the tide has turned for Facebook - and conclude that it still has a mountain to climb to restore trust.

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Free Line & Flat Business Icon Set (50 Icons, PNG & SVG)

If you’re looking for modern UI style icons for your next web, mobile or print project, then you’re in luck, today we have another fantastic freebie for you! Created by our friends Freepik, we have a collection of icons that feature all of the essentials you’ll ever need when creating a business or corporate site.

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